Creative Collective

Joining the EGCC was a turning point for me. I was amazed at the vibrant creative community right in my own neighborhood. As a working parent of two young boys, I felt like pursuing my dream of being an artist was a distant goal. However, this group has been a game-changer, providing not only opportunities to showcase my work but also a supportive community of like-minded individuals.
In the midst of juggling work and family life, this art group has become a source of inspiration and motivation. It’s more than just a platform to exhibit art; it’s a space where artists at similar stages in their careers come together, offering mutual support and camaraderie. The friendships I’ve formed are invaluable, and I’m excited about the collective journey we’re on. Thanks to this group, I’ve not only found opportunities to ‘get myself out there’ but have also discovered a community that understands and supports my artistic aspirations. I look forward to the continued growth and success we’ll achieve together.