Creative Collective

Medium: Acrylic Painting

Art Walk station #3: Community Mural

Since I was a young child, spending countless hours stretched out on the floor of my bedroom immersed in my sketchbook, creating and designing have been a part of my everyday life. With a background in the fashion design industry, I have pivoted into facilitating accessible creativity in community for all ages and stages in life.

I enjoy working with beginner artists in the safe environment of the art studio to learn skills and techniques and unlock their creative potential. I believe that the creative process is not defined by perfection, but by exploration, growth mindset, and that “making” is necessary, healing, and soul filling. I enjoy all forms of art, especially painting (mostly acrylics), creating mixed media, murals/street art, and am currently discovering my evolving personal artistic style. I look forward to meeting you and potentially creating with you!