Creative Collective

Medium: Pottery

Craig Fairley has been creating with clay and fire for about 15 years. He has studied ceramics at Haliburton School of Art + Design Summer Program, Art Gallery of Burlington, and Mohawk College. His work is mostly available through art and fine craft shows, at Saving Thyme Catering & Patisserie, as well as online. “I make things that serve a purpose. My hope is that they intrigue, please and entertain through shape, movement, colour and texture.

The pieces are to be touched, used, loved and shared. Having said that, they are not afraid to be on display as décor. I love working with clay—especially on the wheel. Under a potter’s hands the clay comes to life, growing and changing, taking on a new form, alive with purpose and potential. And the glazing process is pure magic, despite what the scientists say.”

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