Creative Collective

Medium: Paper Collages on Wood Panels

Art Walk station #1


In bold colours and graphic-styled works, I combine references to personal history with images of buildings, landscapes, and people drawn from the Elizabeth Gardens community. Born in Burlington and within sight of Lake Ontario, I grew up at a time when most homes were still within walking distance of farms and woodlots. A fantastic time to be a kid. A time when there was lots of room for your imagination to wander free under big blue skies.

I received an Honours BA from McMaster University in 1988 and did several years of coursework at Dundas Valley School of Art. Despite receiving some art instruction, I consider myself self-taught and strive for an unfiltered approach to art.

My art practice is divided into realism and abstraction, with the former associated with my FCSD Studio. My work can be found in private, public, and corporate collections.