Creative Collective

Medium: Digital Photoartistry &

Art Walk station #10: Rock Painting

I have had hobbies for as long as I can remember and grew up with both parents having many interests. Artistic talent doesn’t come naturally to me but I love to learn, so I am constantly investigating and experimenting with new things. Many of my interests tend to lead me to the next one, developing skills as I go and incorporating that knowledge or understanding as I move forward.
I am a hobby photographer, which started with my fascination with the red-tailed hawks that have a nest nearby and spending extended periods of time in Florida. Digital photography and the ease of capturing thousands of images has lead me to Photoartistry. I use my own photos as well as stock images to create my composites. My work tends to involve more realism and I love to showcase nature along with our beautifully photogenic cat! My style is ever-evolving as is my journey!