Creative Collective

Artist Guide for Holiday Artisan Market

We are so excited that you have chosen to be a participating artist in our first Elizabeth Gardens Artisan Market on Saturday, November 26 from 10-5 PM.
The following is meant to be a guide for artists, outlining the logistics and flow of the event and to support them in their participation.

The Artisan Market takes place at St. Elizabeth’s Anglican Church: 5324 Bromley Rd 10am to 5pm.

Recommended set up time: 8:00 onward.  Artists are expected to have their displays fully set up and ready BEFORE 10:00am.  

Preparation and Setup
Review the map provided to you for your designated spot.

  • Each artist has access to 1 6-foot table (to be provided).  If your spot is along the perimeter of the room, you also have access to wall space – approved mounting materials for wall space will be discussed at the meeting
  • Consider using a tablecloth as many of the tables are well-loved
  • You will have access to utilize set up space just in front of your table from the table top to the floor
  • You are responsible for your own set up / take down and the security of your art and other items

Packing List
Please consider the following list as a guide if you are new to participating in sales and/or markets:

  • Art and items to display/sell
  • Business Cards/postcards to promote yourself!
  • Cash box with a floater and additional payment method like Square (if available) 
  • Artist Name Sign (Poster or Banner)
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Markers
  • Something to wrap your ‘sold’ goods with
  • Phone Charging Block
  • Zip Ties 
  • Water!
  • Food for the day (quick things to take nibbles from throughout the day)
  • Display Grids (if you have them)
  • Garbage bag (for trash)

Transporting your Art
Please take care to wrap and protect your art during transportation, unloading and moving it to your location.
You may park anywhere in the designated parking lot beside the church or pull up in front of the church temporarily to unload, and then park. 

Some photos of the space: